Asoegwu King’s Rape Cover-Up

Asoegwu King’s Rape Cover-Up


“come, who do you this kind thing eh, who do you na, talk na”

“mama, abeg, no make am issue abeg, no worry, e no mean anything”

“you dey craze? Which one be e no mean anything?, make I call your papa sef”

“mama abeg na, no worry, na me carry my leg go hin house, hin no do me anything”

“you mean say na you go hin house by yourself? Even if you go hin house na, na why hin go use by force sleep with you? Make I call your papa fess, nobody go use my pikin like this”


*hours later*


“papa Blessing, you know wetin dey happen for this house so”?

“landlord don come again, athink I tell am say make hin no ves, say next week I go pay, I never get money to pay”

“no be landlord papa Blessing, na your pikin Blessing, she no well”

“ah ah, wetin dey do am, where she dey? Blessing, Blessing, come for parlour”

“daddy, see me here”

“how your body, I hear say you no well”

“daddy I well o, who tell you say I no well?”

“ah ah, mama Blessing, which one be say you talk say Blessing dey sick but she say she no dey sick”

“no be that kind sickness Papa Blessing, Blessing tell am wetin happen”

“daddy nothing happen, no mind mama”

“Blessing you dey craze? Which one be nothing happen, tell am now before I woze you slap”

“no na, e never reach for slap own, your body too dey hot, Blessing, wetin happen?”

“daddy shey I say nothing happen, make mama use her mouth tell you, I don go abeg, I wan sleep”

“Blessing come back here, come back here now, papa Blessing shey you see, anytime you dey this girl go just dey do anyhow”

“mama Blessing leave am first, wetin happen, wetin una no wan tok?”

“papa Blessing, how you go feel say person by force sleep with your pikin?”

“hmmm, na question be that, how I go feel? Abi, you go ask if the person go dey alive see the next day”


“papa bless…na…na..”


“madam tok na, wetin be dat, why you dey cry?”


“Blessing say Onome by force sleep with am”


“jesu, oghene, I don die o, you say?, where Blessing dey? No be rape dem dey call am for grammar again?”

“papa Blessing, I no know wetin I wan do, Onome don kill our pikin”

“No no, make I go see Chief, I must go their house, the full town go gather for us”

“Daddy, how you go feel if de full town know say man by force sleep with me? How I go take waka for street? Papa abeg, no go meet anybody, make I carry my cross, make de matter end, shey I tell mama make she no tell you, daddy abeg no tell another person, daddy abeg”

“you go shut up there? Naso everybody keep quiet when this same Onome by force Charity, you no know say na hin put Charity belle wey make Charity go kill herself?, even if your papa keep quiet, me Miriam, I no go shut up”

“Mama Blessing you say I go keep quiet? This Onome don too do, fear no let am waka leave my family, hin don jam, monkey don go market e no return, lai lai, make I come, make I go Police”

“daddy abeg, no go na, abeg daddy, no be Onome fault, na me cause am, na me cause am daddy abeg, mummy epp me beg am”

“if I woze you, who you dey call? Papa Blessing dey go”

“I hate una, una wan kill me for this town, how I go take waka now mummy?”

“Blessing my pikin, take am sofrey, we be your parents, na we know better thing for you”

“the better thing was to let it slide, just let me alone”


*at the police station*


“Gentlemen, you asked to see me”

“Good afternoon officer, my name na Ebiere Tamuno I come with my friend Matthew, we come to lay complaint”

“okay, gentle men, what complaint do you want to lay”


“Ebiere talk na, shey you want make I talk?

“Mr Ebiere, be fast, I have somewhere to be”

“okay officer, Onome, Chief Fiberisema pikin, hin rape my daughter Blessing”

“yes officer, Onome rape hin pikin, the idiot force hinself ontop person daughter, no be crime be that so”?

“Mr Matthew, that’s a heinous crime, we have to arrest him immediately, are you sure what you speak of Mr Ebiere?”

“I no go come here if I no sure, na my pikin tell me herself, she dey cry for house”

“okay gentlemen, Mr Ebiere, I am sorry for what happened to your daughter, no one needs to go through that”

“thank you officer”

“Sergeant Dapo, there’s an arrest you have to make immediately, gentlemen, you can go now, we’ll keep you posted”

“okay Officer, we go dey wait to hear from you”


“good day Chief, we are here for one Mr Onome Fiberisema, we want to bring him in for questioning”

“gentlemen, questioning? Why?”

“yes Chief, your son was accused of raping a girl, her father came by at the station”

“okay, let me get him for you, Onome, Onome, the police is here for you”

“hello officers, anything the matter?”

“are you Onome Fiberisema?”

“yes, what’s the issue?”

“you have to follow us to the station, we have questions you need to answer”


“Onoms, follow them, I’d call the lawyer, do not say anything unless the lawyer is present”

“okay dad”

“have a nice day Chief”


“come, Dapo, do they have anything substantial on him, how true is the rape accusation?”

“Chief I am afraid it’s something”

“what’s the name of the girl”

“Chief it’s one Blessing Ebiere”

“oh, Mr Ebiere Tamuno’s daughter, beautiful girl, my son sure has nice taste”

“if he takes after you Chief, he sure will, I’ll keep you posted Chief, bye Sir”.



“Mr Ebiere we let Onome go, he denied raping your daughter, there’s no proof”

“officer hin do am”

“do you have proof?”

“my daughter talk say hin do am, she no fit lie, person dey lie on top that kind thing”

“we’ll have to run test on your daughter, to know if he truly did rape her, when can she come to the station?”

“I go come tomorrow, who go pay for the test officer? Na government?”

“do not worry about that Mr Ebiere, I’d see to that”

“thank you officer, she go come tomorrow with me, her mama go follow us come”

“good, see you tomorrow then”




“officer Dapo, we’ll be conducting test on the girl tomorrow, I want to pick a lab that would be capable of doing it”

“I know a lab, it’s efficient”

“okay Dapo, make the necessary arrangements”




“mama blessing, we dey go police station tomorrow, dem say make dem run test, say Onome deny say him rape Blessing, that boy wicked”

“e been cross my mind say him go deny, so na the police people talk say dem go do the test?”

“yes, officer say make I bring Blessing, you fit come too, go tell blessing, make she ready”

“okay, she dey her inside since, she no gree come out”

“make I see am, food dey this house so?”

“make I dish for you”




“Chief, a test would be conducted tomorrow on th  girl to know if the rape accusation is true”

“how is it looking?”

“with the way things are going, I fear the rape accusation is true say, Onome might be gone a long time if this turns out to be true”

“what can we do?”

“I know the owner of the lab that the test would be conducted tomorrow, with the right amount of cash we can tweak the results here and there”

“okay Dapo, keep me posted, I have to tell Onome”

“okay Chief, talk to you soon”




“Mr and Mrs Ebiere Tamuno, the results are out, it appears that Blessing was not raped, the results says she wasn’t”

“Officer, wait, make I see the paper”

“officer, you mean say my pikin lie all dis time?”

“the result says she wasn’t touched”

“Blessing, you lie give us? why you go lie now? Why why?”

“blessing you no dey talk? Officer, I no believe am, make dem do another test, my pikin no fit lie, she no fit just talk say person rape am”

“Mr Ebiere, I am afraid that’s the fact we are facing, the case has been thrown out, I think your family ought to apologize to Chief Fiberisema and his family”

“officer, abeg, nothing to do about the test, like another one”?

“that’s the end of it Mr Ebiere, nothing else, Chief is outside with Onome, you guys would see him before the counter”



“Chief, abeg no ves, you know children of today, dem no dey keep mouth one place, abeg no ves”

“Ebiere, I like you, if to say I no like you, I for arrest you and everyone for your house for this false accusation wey you put for my innocent Onome head, but I go let am go”


“Chief thank you, Onome thank you”


“Miriam, hold your pikin well, I no wan see her near Onome, you hear me so?”

“I hear you Chief, no ves, sorry”

“una fit dey go”

“Onome no ves, no ves for Blessing abeg, sorry, we don dey go”


“no problem ma’am, I forgive her”



“blessing, you disgrace your family today, you disgrace us”

“daddy, there was no way Onome would have suffered for what he did”

“police don almost arrest am, you for tell the police true na, ah ah”

“mummy, it was my word against the test result, the result said I wasn’t raped”

“you mean say the result dey talk lie?”

“it was doctored daddy, them rig the result, na lie the result talk”

“make we tell the police, make we tell dem say them do wayo for de result na”

“Chief Fiberisema has his way around this town, there’s no how any reason result would say I was raped, I been tell una say make una leave am before, now everybody go know me as girl wey lie say guy rape am”

“blessing come, where you dey go, blessing”



“Chief, I just received the money o, thank you, you’re very generous”

“Dapo, you never disappoint”

“thank you sir, such good words coming from you”

“you’ve saved Onome twice now, the other girl, Charity, heard from her?”

“heard she committed suicide”

“such a pity, such a young girl to go that way, well, have the doctor received his share? I do not want loose ends?”

“he has, he’s more than happy”

“that will be all Dapo, talk to you soon”

“thank you Chief, see you around”


I am….




Kingsley Asoegwu writes for the contemporary screen. He captures with the challenges of social justice with a deep and quiet ease. taking you on a roller-coaster ride through familiar terrains, communicating very wisely. He is young and #fearless, waiting to captivate.

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