China’s Covid-19 figures doctored, govt burns bodies daily, 40 five-ton mobile cremators work round-the-clock – Epoch Times

China’s Covid-19 figures doctored, govt burns bodies daily, 40 five-ton mobile cremators work round-the-clock  – Epoch Times

China’s official coronavirus figures have been criticized by the country’s opposition newspaper saying it is doubtful.
The newspaper, Epoch Times alleges that subscribers to China’s cellphone network was 1.601 billion users prior to the outbreak of Coronavirus, but the latest active subscriber figure now amounts to 1.58 billion, creating a loss of 21million users according to data published by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) on 19 March.

The newspaper believes that the regime has not been honest with information about the pandemic claiming that “seven funeral homes in Wuhan (the epicenter of the outbreak) were burning bodies 24 hours a day, all through late January.” while about 40 five-ton mobile cremators were working round-the-clock since February 16 in Hubei province, burning bodies and medical wastes.

But spokesman of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Han Xia, claims that the huge difference in subscriber data resulted from businesses complying with government quarantine and shutdown policies in February. Adding that the lockdown disabled telecom stores making it impossible for people to maintain or open new accounts.

However, lending voice to the debate, Tang Jingyuan, a US-based China affairs analyst disputed Han’s explanation saying
“It’s impossible for a person to cancel his cellphone account, as the Chinese regime requires all Chinese to use their cellphones to generate a health code, without which they cannot move around.”

The Epoch Times, further disclosed that China launched a mandatory cellphone health app on March 10, for everyone to register their personal health information. “The generated QR code, classified as colour Red, meaning infectious disease is present; Colour Yellow- possibly infected; and Colour Green which means the user is free of infection, alleging that the data generated from the health app was intended for other discreet uses.

The Chinese government also refuted the claims saying that the app was intended to curtail the coronavirus. China contracted Alibaba and Tencent to develop color-coded systems which will classify people based on their health conditions and travel history and implement a health-rating system to help authorities track the movement of millions of Chinese who are preparing to resume work at factories and other businesses, the new and controversial tool is what the newspaper alleges that the administration is intended for “other” uses.

However, Tang reasons: “If only 10 percent of the cellphone accounts were closed because the users died … the death toll would be 2 million.” whereas official China figures of death by coronavirus was 3,310 of a total of 82,447 confirmed cases. The newspaper claims that “the cancellation of 21 million cellphones provides a data point that suggests the real number may be far higher than the official number” of deaths declared by the Chinese government.

As of March 31st, World Health Organization (WHO) data, on Italy was 12,428 deaths out of 105,792 confirmed cases, the US has 188,280 confirmed cases, recording 3,883 death, while China, where it all began, had 3,305 deaths out of a total of 81,518 confirmed cases despite that it has a much larger and dense population.