#SocialInjustice, There were two boys – Kingsley Asoegwu

#SocialInjustice, There were two boys – Kingsley Asoegwu

There were two boys. Both arrested. Both accused of drug dealing.
One was caught with the drugs on himself.  One was with guys in his street discussing when the Police came up on them and arrested him whilst others ran away.
Both guys were taken to the station and thrown into the police cell.
*At the police station*
“abeg, my pikin dey inside here, dem been arrest am dis afternoon”
“wetin be hin name”
“Chuka Zion”
“oh, na your pikin dey sell hard drugs dey give boys for this town, Oga, we go see you for court”.
“but…. Please, is there nothing that can be done”?
“nothing, Sir”
“okay officer, see you later”.
*minutes later*
“hello Honourable Patrick?”
“Oga Chuks, what’s up na”
“wahala dey”
“ahn ahn, which wahala wey your money nor fit stop?”
“this one no be money sontin o, make we see later for Hotel De La Paiz”.
“okay na, 4:00pm go make sense abi”.
“no problem Honourable”
“calm down Oga Chuks, there’s no nonsense that money cannot stop”.
“make we dey look na”.
*Hours later*
“officer, abeg my pikin dey inside your cell, I hear say dem arrest am”
“welcome madam, come dis side, wetin be hin name”
“Onyema Akila”
“ah, that one? Dem be drug dealers na, we arrest am with others, those boys no gree this town rest”.
“officer, my pikin no dey sell chemist o, how him come be drug dealer?”
“madam, you hear me well? I no mean chemist o, I mean drugs, your pikin dey sell hard drugs”.
“abeg no ves, which drugs be the hard drugs, how e take join my pikin?”
“okay madam, see that poster there?, go look am, shey you sabi read”?
“I dey try”
“okay, go look am, na all these hard drugs dem draw so”
“but officer, my pikin no dey sell am, which one be cocaine abeg? Which one be tramadol?”
“these na hard drugs wey dey kill people, we cash your pikin as him dey sell am”
“officer abeg na, pity us”
“we no fit do anything, na to charge am go court”.
“abeg na, officer abeg na, e never reach laidat”
“madam, abeg dey go, we go call you”
*her cries rent the air*
“welcome Honourable”
“thank you Oga Chuks, wetin you say happen first”
“no be that boy? Chuka my pikin, dem don arrest am again”
“ah, again? Why na?”
“drug o, same case last time, drug dealing”
“no worry. That one na normal thing, I go see as I go do am”
“abeg help me, that boy too dey put person for problem”
“no be issue, I go make calls, shey that money still dey enter next week na?”
“no problem, I go transfer am, how campaign dey go?”
“we dey try o, boys too dey demand for money, even INEC want money sef”
“no worry, I go do my part”
“Oga Chuks thanks, you know say na sponsors like una dey make us win election, without una money we no go go anywhere, election for our 9ja no be by English or qualifications o”
“honourable, you no need to tell me, I dey see am every election period”
“no wahala Oga Chuks, I go make some calls, dem go leave Chuka, make I dey go na, e get meeting like that wey I need to go”
“oya na, I go transfer the money, thanks honourable”
*Minutes later*
“Officer John good afternoon”
“yes who’s speaking”
“honourable Patrick, member representing Ahoda South Constituency in the House of Representatives”
“ha, good afternoon Honourable”
“Officer, I am calling in respect to my boy in your custody”
“Honourable Sir, which boy, what’s his name Sir”
“Chuka Zion, he was arrested yesterday on allegation of dealing drugs”.
“okay sir, we brought him in alongside other boys, he has been on our radar for quite some time now”
“I want him released Officer”.
“Honourable, things are not done like that, he is a person of interest in an ongoing investigation, he has to…, hello Honourable, are you there?”
*Minutes later*
“Officer John”
“good afternoon DG”
“there’s a Chuka Zion in your custody release him immediately”
“but DG…”
“John, did I stutter?”
“okay DG, immediately Sir”
*At the other side*
“Honourable Patrick, it’s been done”
“thank you DG,  I’d transfer the money”
“another thing Honourable Patrick”
“what’s that”
“we need to replace the boy with someone else, you know na, to balance the books”
“I heard they arrested other boys alongside Chuka, replace him with a boy of your choosing”
“that’s a wonderful idea Honourable”
“DG, keep it on a low, see you later”
“as always Honourable, good doing business with you”
“see you in the golf course on Saturday DG”
“have a good day honourable”.
*Hours later*
“Chuka, a lot of strings was pulled to get you out, questions might be asked and I’m not taking chances, you’re leaving the country”
“but dad, I have things to do here”
“it’s not a debate Chuka, you’re leaving tonight”
“daddy, please”
“shut up Chuka, you just bring dishonour to me and make me spend a lot of money on your head, my decisions final”
*At the police station”
“come Corporal Kemi,  where’s Onyema Akila  his mother is here for him”
“I forgot to tell you Inspector John”
“forgot to tell me what?”
“high ranking officers came, they said they were from the headquarters, they took him away”
“you say?”
” I said high ranking officers from headquarters came they took…”
“I heard you the first time Kemi, I need to make some calls”
*in Inspector John’s office*
“madam, your son is in Abuja, he’s facing…”
“wetin him dey do for Abuja? Abeg officer, I hope dem never kill am for me”?
“he’s very much alive, he’s facing drug charges, we have no jurisdiction…”
“abeg officer, which one be jurisdictation?”
“our power no reach Abuja own, I no fit do anything. Na Abuja people don take over the case, na serious case madam”
“chie, Onyema don kill me, make dis boy no die go o, Abuja? Case? Serious?”
“madam see eh, I go advice you make you find lawyer, make dem go Abuja, make dem no jail your pikin o”
“officer, as you see me so na fish I dey sell, my husband no dey again and Onyema na my only son, na hin be my all in all”
“just do anything wey you fit do, de case serious o”
“I don die, wetin I go do now?”
*months later*
Onyema was sentenced to jail on charges of drug dealing.
Chuka was shot dead during a drug raid in Singapore.

About the Author:

Kingsley Asoegwu writes for the contemporary screen. He captures with the challenges of social justice with a deep and quiet ease. taking you on a roller-coaster ride through familiar terrains, communicating very wisely. He is young and #fearless, waiting to captivate.

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